Welcome to my world of MUSIC!! Explore my site to be a part of my ongoing journey of songwriting, playing & singing. I am so blessed by God to have this gift of music. A special thanks to the talented co-writers I am fortunate to call my friends - thank you for creating with me. For all those that have supported me from the beginning... Thank You. I hope to see you at one of my live shows! 

Since, I'm actively pitching my song catalog, all my songwriting demos are located on my private Soundcloud page, and can only be heard through a private link. Please contact me if you are an industry professional and I'll send the link. Thank You!

2 Songs Picked Up for Pitching by 2 Music Row Publishers 

Super excited that two Nashville Music Row publishers agreed to pitch 2 of our songs! Shout outs to my co-writers: Jeff Roe & Sandy Zeleznik for helping to co-write some amazing songs! One publisher was a connection through Barbara Cloyd's Pitch to Publisher event this past March, and the other through Jeff's publisher connection.

Really feeling blessed, as I'm also in the process of relocating to Nashville in July!!


One of 16 Songwriters Chosen for Barbara Cloyd's Play For Publisher Event March 2-4, 2017 in Nashville 

I am SO blessed and happy to have been selected and invited as one of 16 writers to participate in Barbara Cloyd's Play For Publisher Event March 2-4, 2017 in Nashville, TN. I applied two years ago, but unfortunately wasn't selected. So, I decided to get more involved in getting better at my craft and then reapplied. It's awesome when great teaching and mentoring by Marty Dodson, Clay Mills, Clay Myers, NSAI Evaluator #21006, Jason Blume, & Brent Baxter pays off! Yeah, I'm drinking the songwriter's Kool Aid! I'm looking forward to the incredible learning experience I'm going to gain from Barbara and the 6 publishers that I will get to play my songs!

Barbara's workshop is over 3 intense days at the Bluebird Cafe & Blue Bar. We will learn what it takes to get a cut from people who get them. The list of publishers include: 

Chris Oglesby - BMG Chrysalis 
Rusty Gaston - This Music 
Woody Bomar - Green Hills Music 
Janie West - Janie West Music 
Keithan Melton - Hori Pro 
Bobby Rymer - Writers Den 

We will be heard by six successful Music Row publishers who sign staff writers and pitch to the top artists; spend three days immersing ourselves in what being a pro Nashville songwriter is all about; listen to pro writers perform and be able to ask them questions; study hit songs to see what a song needs to make it onto the radio, & find co-writers and friends from the other talented writers who attend.

Click here for more information about Barbara Cloyd and her Play For Publishers event

Song Co-Written with Karen Kiley Chosen for Brent Baxter's Play 4 Publisher Event 

So blessed and thankful that hit songwriter and educator, Brent Baxter, chose our song as one of his Top Ten songs out of more than 200 songs considered for his upcoming publisher web event. The web event will take place this Tuesday, December 6 with Nashville publisher, Tim Hunze, of Parallel Music. This is an awesome pick me up in a super competitive profession, to encourage and support me to keep pressing forward. Special thanks to my awesome co-writer Karen Kiley, and the incredible musicians and singer Troy Johnson at Beaird Music Group for bringing our song to life!

You can read more about Brent's event and his songwriting info at the following link:

Brent Baxter's Play 4 Publisher Winner Notice

More cool news upcoming for this song!!

Private Member Entrance 

I've decided to start a "Private Member Entrance" option to my website. It will be on a subscription basis to offer special private inside Music, Video, Live, Secret Facebook Community Access, Behind The Scenes, Private Concerts & Other Special Features to those that would be interested in following/being a part of my songwriting and musical journey! This would also be a GREAT way to support the arts and allow me to follow my creative passion by doing what I believe God put me on this earth to do. The content will be completely about what YOU want and will always be interactive.

I'm working on the content now, and will try to have it online by spring of 2017!! 

Heading Down To Nashville! 

Can't wait to go to Nashville in a couple of weeks. This is my first trip to kick off my new songwriting goals to visit Nashville at least once a month. Yes, once a month!!!! I know from my past experience of living in LA, that you need to be in the place where the music business happens if you want to increase your chances of being heard. This trip I'm planning 3 co-writes with some incredible writers, recording 3 demos with my friends at Beaird Music Group of songs I was blessed to co-write with Marie Lester, Bonnie Baker & Karen Kiley, attend a Writer Rep meeting at BMI, a mentor session at NSAI, and go to the Songtown Website Re-Launch party!! Thanks to Songtown for helping me to continue to write better songs and for introducing me to some really cool co-writing partners. 

I'll post some inside videos/pix updates to my trip on Instagram and Twitter. Make sure you follow me to watch me on my trip.


My Next Studio Album? 

I'm currently planning and writing for my 5th record. I've been spending so much time writing for the pop & country markets, performing with my Freedom Band brothers and at Pittsburgh & Cleveland Bahama Breeze restaurants, that it's been a while since I've thought about my artist career. I've got the itch again!! I'll be putting my Go Pro camera to use to document my successes & struggles along the way. Follow me on my website blog, Instagram or Twitter for updates!

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