One of 16 Songwriters Chosen for Barbara Cloyd's Play For Publisher Event March 2-4, 2017 in Nashville

I am SO blessed and happy to have been selected and invited as one of 16 writers to participate in Barbara Cloyd's Play For Publisher Event March 2-4, 2017 in Nashville, TN. I applied two years ago, but unfortunately wasn't selected. So, I decided to get more involved in getting better at my craft and then reapplied. It's awesome when great teaching and mentoring by Marty Dodson, Clay Mills, Clay Myers, NSAI Evaluator #21006, Jason Blume, & Brent Baxter pays off! Yeah, I'm drinking the songwriter's Kool Aid! I'm looking forward to the incredible learning experience I'm going to gain from Barbara and the 6 publishers that I will get to play my songs!

Barbara's workshop is over 3 intense days at the Bluebird Cafe & Blue Bar. We will learn what it takes to get a cut from people who get them. The list of publishers include: 

Chris Oglesby - BMG Chrysalis 
Rusty Gaston - This Music 
Woody Bomar - Green Hills Music 
Janie West - Janie West Music 
Keithan Melton - Hori Pro 
Bobby Rymer - Writers Den 

We will be heard by six successful Music Row publishers who sign staff writers and pitch to the top artists; spend three days immersing ourselves in what being a pro Nashville songwriter is all about; listen to pro writers perform and be able to ask them questions; study hit songs to see what a song needs to make it onto the radio, & find co-writers and friends from the other talented writers who attend.

Click here for more information about Barbara Cloyd and her Play For Publishers event

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