I'm a proud member of Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI), SongTown, Discover Sooner, SongU, Songwriting Pro, Global Songwriters Connection (GSC) & Barbara Cloyd's Play For Publisher Workshop songwriting communities. I live in Nashville and spend my time co-writing, playing Writer Nights and networking. Here is a list of communities & services I LOUDLY endorse. Please check out Discover Sooner, led by my friend and publisher Nancy Deckant. Multiple hit writers Marty Dodson and Clay Mills at Songtown and Brent Baxter of Songwriting Pro are incredible teachers/mentors, and the demos at Larry Beaird's - Beaird Music Group studios blow me away every time. I also have received some great demo work from Pete Sallis, and the many unforgettable memories when I used to play the Sunday Writer's night at the legendary Bluebird Cafe. Sheree Spoltore at GSC is an amazing mentor and true champion for me and all the songwriters at GSC.

I'm blessed to have been a part of the SongTown's Staff Writer Club working directly with Nashville Songplugger Ronna Reeves for over 4 years; chosen multiple times for SongTown's Most Wanted List; featured multiple times as a Songwriter recognized in NSAI E.A.R.S., multiple selections for writing songs "Recommended for Consideration to the Quarterly NSAI Nashville Publisher Luncheon"; Multiple songs selected for NSAI's Quarterly Publisher Luncheon Compilation CD's (given to 50+ Music Row publishers); Recognized multiple times as an NSAI "Writer On The Rise" and "One To Watch"; Multiple song placements on NSAI's Top 40 Song Page; Multiple songs nominated by SongU as "Best of Song U"; 2 songs nominated for & 2022 Winner for NSAI's Evaluator Song Of The Year Member Award; Currently nominated for NSAI's 2022 Evaluator Song Of The Year Award Member Awards.

I've also had multiple songs selected in the "Top 10 Songs" for Songwriting Pro/Brent Baxter's Play 4 Publisher December 6, 2016 web event, and selected 2 times as one of 16 writers for Barbara Cloyd's Play For Publisher Workshops in Nashville and played my songs for 6 top Music Row publishers. More detailed steps of affirmation can be found on my Songwriting Journey page.

I'm continually working to improve my craft of songwriting to write better songs, and each of these in their own way help me along my path. I've got some demos to share, but I won't post them publicly, as I'm actively trying to get my songs published and recorded. 

I'll see you in Nashville!