Heading Down To Nashville!

Can't wait to go to Nashville in a couple of weeks. This is my first trip to kick off my new songwriting goals to visit Nashville at least once a month. Yes, once a month!!!! I know from my past experience of living in LA, that you need to be in the place where the music business happens if you want to increase your chances of being heard. This trip I'm planning 3 co-writes with some incredible writers, recording 3 demos with my friends at Beaird Music Group of songs I was blessed to co-write with Marie Lester, Bonnie Baker & Karen Kiley, attend a Writer Rep meeting at BMI, a mentor session at NSAI, and go to the Songtown Website Re-Launch party!! Thanks to Songtown for helping me to continue to write better songs and for introducing me to some really cool co-writing partners. 

I'll post some inside videos/pix updates to my trip on Instagram and Twitter. Make sure you follow me to watch me on my trip.


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