1 of 16 Songwriters Chosen for Barbara Cloyd's Play For Publisher Event From February 28-March 2, 2019

Wow! Extremely excited to have been selected again as 1 of 16 writers to participate in Barbara Cloyd's Play For Publisher Event February 28-March 2, 2019. I attended back in 2017, and led to me meeting Mr. Woody Bomar. Woody liked one of my songs from that event (co-written by Jeff Roe & Sandy Zeleznik), which allowed me to present other songs for his consideration- two of which he is presently pitching at the moment. This wouldn't have happened without Barbara's workshop. So glad I'll see Woody again at this year's event!  

Barbara's workshop is over 3 intense days of publisher feedback. The list of publishers include:  

Chris Oglesby – BMG 
Rusty Gaston – THIS Music 
Bobby Rymer – Writer’s Den 
Janine Appleton Ebach – Curb Word 
Woody Bomar – Green Hills Music Publishing 
Ciara Shortridge – Disney Publishing

From the last event, I began co-writing and friendships with Jayne Sachs & Todd Dickinson!

I'd like to thank all my co-writers for their friendship & talent in the creation of songs that allowed me to be selected to Barbara's event: Jeff Roe, Jayne Sachs, Kelly McKay, Todd Dickinson, Brad McKinney, and Bobby Evans. I love yinz guyz (Pittsburgheze for ya'll rock)!!

Click here for more information about Barbara Cloyd and her Play For Publishers event