NSAI 2020 Member Awards: "BEEN" Wins the Evaluator Song of the Year Award!!!

Our song, "BEEN" was the winner of the first ever NSAI Member Awards in the Evaluator Song of the Year category. So honored to have written this song with co-writer friends Jayne Sachs & Bobby Evans. This award is so special because it was chosen by NSAI staff from the many songs Recommended and Chosen for the Publisher Luncheon throughout the year and then voted on by NSAI members. I was blessed to have 2 songs nominated in this category.. the other song was "Can't Put Into Words" co-written with friends Kelly McKay & Brad McKinney. "BEEN" won, but what an incredible honor to have 2 songs nominated and one actually winning. 

THANK YOU to the NSAI staff and all the NSAI Members that voted for our song, "BEEN". Now it just needs to find a home with an artist to take it to the charts!!