Selected as 1 of 20 Songwriters for SongTown's Staff Writer Club

Super blessed and excited to be a part of the first ever SongTown Staff Writer Club! The 20 writers will work together with songplugger, Ronna Reeves, hoping to get some industry activity with our songs. It's a super challenge, but I'm ready to take on this big step writing some new songs with some great co-writing friends! Thank you to Ronna Reeves, Clay Mills & Marty Dodson for this incredible opportunity. I'm nervous but excited!!!!

Here are the 20 Staff Writers selected:

Ronna's Picks.... 

Joey Ebach 
Ryland Fisher
Kyle Jackson-Rachky 
Amanda Cooksey 
Elias James Edlund 
Khiana Noel Meyer 
Isaac Slutzky
Kelly McKay 
PJ Ju 
Todd Dickinson 
Kevin Rowe
Josh Byrd 
Leslie Bowe 
Brad McKinney 
Mark Glinski 
Graham Cossick 
Billy Marino 
Brandon Wind 
North Easton
James Hoppe